Topknot Tuesdays- trying to be healthy.


Being healthy.

Hello, lovely readers!

Welcome to Topknot Tuesdays. This is a new series I’m starting. I hope you like it.

So here I am. Sitting in bed in my ‘lounge wear’, (the comfiest clothes imaginable) with a messy topknot and a green tea… thinking about life.

Basically, I’m going to write whatever pops into my head. It could be really deep, or really random. Who knows?

Here I go. Gulp.


For this first ever Topknot Tuesday, I was thinking ‘what shall I write about?’ Then, as I got up to get my green tea, I was hit by my aching muscles from the gym yesterday. So I thought I’d write about trying to be healthy.

Staying healthy is NOT a walk in the park.

Although, a walk in the park might do you some good, actually.

But you know what I mean. It’s really difficult. I’ve tried getting fit and being healthy in the past. Like, ‘I’m gonna exercise twice a week!’, ‘I’m gonna go on a diet!’

I’m always so determined to start with, but then I get lazy (and tempted by sweets.) The motivation just fizzles out and I’m left annoyed at myself.

Nothing sticks.

I tried running once. Me and my dad would go running together, so we could motivate each other. I even bought proper running clothes. But, as you may guess, it didn’t stick. Partly because I tire out easily and I’m not very good at running. Also, because just running round the block is not very exciting or fun. It’s boring. And the uphill kills! Running is fine, but let’s just say it’s not for me. Anyway, I can run on the treadmill in the gym, which I think is better.

But recently I’ve become determined to get fit- for real this time. I don’t know what changed. But I think it’s because I have a much better mental attitude and it just feels right.

A few things I’m loving right now which help me be fit and healthy:

  1. My new running clothes.

I use them for basically all exercise, not just running, but that doesn’t matter. I found them in Primark, unexpectedly, so they were quite cheap. They are really comfy, feel good and fit well. I think they also give more self-esteem. It’s ideal to have workout clothes that you love to wear. They make it one less thing to discourage you from exercising.

  1. Green tea.

This is amazing. It’s really healthy and is supposed to speed up your metabolism. Everyone goes on about it. At first, I didn’t like the taste, but once I got used to it, I loved it. You can get lots of different flavours as well, if you don’t like normal green tea. Like green tea with lemon, or jasmine, for example. People say drink it 3x a day or more to notice a difference. I don’t do that. I don’t drink it as much as I would like. I even included in the Topknot Tuesdays intro, to remind myself to drink one! But, oh well. Definitely try it out, if you haven’t already.

  1. My FitnessPal.

I’m really enjoying this app. And it’s FREE. It’s basically calorie counter, and gives you a daily calorie goal- based on how much weight you want to loose and how fast. You just type in the search box what you’re eating, and click the closest match. It tells you the nutritional value of each item. This may seem annoying, having to log every single thing you eat, but it’s worth it. Trust me. It made me really aware of what I was eating, so I could cut down on unhealthy snackage.

  1. Corn thins. 

I think these are similar to rice cakes. They are tasty and healthy. I’m loving them. You can get dark chocolate coated ones too. Obviously, the plain ones are healthier though. You can get them really cheap; I like Sainsbury’s own brand.

  1. Greek yoghurt and honey.

A light breakfast. Great for every day, or when you’re in a rush. Doesn’t take much prep. Pretty healthy. Sometimes I add fruit and the crumbs at the bottom of a cereal packet. (It’s like a makeshift granola topping.)

  1. Spray deodorant.

I am a very sweaty person, (no lie) so spray deo is a must. I like ‘Vaseline active fresh’ (the ‘compressed can’ i.e. smaller can.) Its portable, so you can put it in your bag and have a quick spritz whenever, to top up.

As I mentioned, I went to the gym yesterday and I am aching so much! My legs, core and especially my arms. It doesn’t help that I had a jab a couple days ago, so my arm aches from that too.

So… I’ve started going to the gym- hooray! I’d never been before, and surprisingly, I have to say I like it a lot! I know? Sometimes working out is a chore, but I quite enjoy it. Is that weird? I guess I’ve missed exercising. I used to be really sporty, I played netball and tennis weekly. But I haven’t been to a sports club for a couple of years now. I never did regular exercise, except the occasional swim. (I love swimming.) But I’m happy to get back into it. I’m even thinking about getting a gym membership. Now that’s commitment.

Apart from the fact that I feel quite self-conscious and inadequate next to the beautiful gym freaks that go every day, I like working out. I’m want to keep going once a week, at least. Hopefully.

Normally, I go the gym and then have a swim after. It’s good because after the gym, when I’m all sweaty, I can have a quick shower and then nip in the pool. Do a few lengths. It’s refreshing. And swimming is meant to be really good for you anyway. That’s because it works all the muscles in your body at the same time. And because you’re floating in the water, it’s not much hard work at all. Well, compared to a gym session. I usually do about 10-15 lengths, alternating between different strokes each time. And I pretend im a mermaid. Shh. It’s pretty good.

So, that’s my new fitness routine, some products and food I like, and my goal to try and be healthy.

…..mmmm, cake.

(just kidding.)


I hope you liked my first topknot Tuesdays post. Tell me, are you trying to be healthy? Are you finding it hard? What helps you?

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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