Colour me mindful- Making waves.

Hello lovely readers!

This is a new series I will be doing. I bought this colouring book the other day. Its called ‘Colour Me Mindful- Underwater’, by Anastasia Catris. I am in love with it. But you can get lots of different ones too.


Intricate adult colouring books are quite on trend at the moment. They are very satisfying and relaxing. The pictures take a while to colour in, but they can look sooo pretty when you’re done! You can find them in most stationary or book shops.

My mum has got quite a good one as well. Its called ‘The little book of Calm Colouring.’11933093_1003557686329200_2015710768_n

I like the added dimension of how it gives you a nice quote next to each drawing. Here’s one I did.


(Please excuse my deformed looking thumb- oh dear.)

Anyway, as I work my way through the colouring book I will be posting them on here. This one is my favourite so far. I just love the variation of blue tones. I used a combination of sparkly, metallic, and plain gel pens. I did them in a completely random way. And I love the pop of contrasting colour in the tiny gold and red fish.

 I’m calling it ‘making waves’.



Please let me know if you like my pictures. Would you like to see more?

And tell me- Do you like colouring too? Have you tried any books similar to these?

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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