Colour me mindful- Orca

Hello lovely readers!

I thought I’d continue with my colouring book series. I’m using the  ‘Colour Me Mindful- Underwater’, book by Anastasia Catris. I am still in love with it.


You can see my first completed colouring here: Making waves

Here is my next colouring. Its actually the first one I completed. Its an orca (or killer whale.) I think it is so beautiful; I loved the composition of the orca diving down into the ocean. I’m calling it simply ‘Orca,’ or maybe ‘Diving into the deep.’


I started with black as the main colour, and then incorporated some brighter ones across the whole thing. I decided the leave the underside white to add contrast and keep the focus on the top.


I hope you liked this post! I really recommended colouring books like these for fun and relaxation.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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