Finish the Story challenge- “She lived in a mango tree.”

Hello, lovely readers!

I’ve decided to take part in a weekly writing challenge. I thought it would be a fun thing to do; to get inspired and see what I come up with. The one I choose is called Mondays Finish the Story. It gives you a picture and a sentence. From that, you have to write a story. It gives you from Monday till Sunday to complete it and it can be no more than 100-150 words (not including the given sentence.)

This weeks sentence is “She lived in a mango tree.”

This is the picture

2015-09-21-c2a9-2015-barbara-w-beachamHere is my story!

It doesn’t exactly fit with the picture( Its set in like a jungle instead.) But, oh well- its my interpretation.

She lived in a mango tree.

It was the tree that gave her life. It consumed every aspect of her being.

This was no ordinary mango tree, it was… different. The soft leaves radiated warmth and kindness to all near it. And although she had no clothes, she was never cold.

The leaves were her heart.

But the mangoes; they were her soul.

They glowed golden, sparkling with the dew drops of life. Aside from the various healing properties, the mangoes were intensely spiritual. Anyone who takes a bite, would not only be instantly revitalised, but would experience visions of transcendent beauty.

For many native people, the mangoes were glimpses of heaven. And she, their goddess.

She was no deity; merely a gardener, a nurturer, a protector. But the mango tree gave her long life and vitality.

And there she lived. And although she never leaves, she has lived more fully than anyone else on earth.


This was so difficult to do, with such a tiny word count! But I did it. I have no idea if this is the kind of thing you’re supposed to do, but this is what I created.

I hope you liked it! Please tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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