My makeup staples – Eyes

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Hello lovely readers!

I thought I would do a series all about my favourite makeup and beauty products. Some of these I’ve been using for years, others are new finds that I instantly fell in love with. But they are all, what I consider, ‘staples’ (i.e. favourites) in my makeup collection.

Episode 1- Eyes.


I think eyes are maybe the most important part of my makeup routine. They are windows to the soul. Hehe. So here you go; some of my favourite eye shadows, brushes, eyeliner and mascaras…

(Note- I apologise if the pics aren’t very good.)



Mini Eye Palette


First of all, its so pretty. And its pink!

11855404_1009123049105997_1584278368_n    11996974_1009123029105999_1689656993_n

I love this palette. Sooo much. It has all the shades I would regularly wear- I cant get enough of them.

 You can adapt them for a day or night look. I love all the different chocolate shades as well.

Also, the gold eye shadow brush is really cute.




I have no idea where I got this from, or if its even an eye shadow brush! (I think it is?)

Anyway, the blue flower pattern is so pretty.

(If anyone knows where this is from or what its called, let me know in the comments.)



Eyelash Curlers.


Eyelash curlers are a must, in my book.

Some cheaper ones aren’t always the best quialty, but I’m pretty impressed with these.

I always make sure to curl before applying mascara, and after- but ONLY when the lashes are fully dry!

(Otherwise, you come out of it with, 3 less eyelashes than you had before… not good.)



Extreme Eyeliner Pen.

11997251_1009122769106025_2052886039_n   11994409_1009122762439359_1871744968_n

Back when I was first experimenting with liquid eyeliner, I found it so difficult. so I opted for a pen.

This is the best eyeliner pen I’ve come across. I simply wont use anything else.

Its very easy to use and quite cheap as well!


Miss Sporty

Mini-me Eyeliner Pencil (brown.)


I bought this not too long ago, because I wanted to try a brown eyeliner pencil.

I think brown gives it a very soft look, sometimes black is just too harsh.

This one is a softer consistency than an actual pencil.

I use it on by lower lash line, from the outer corner to the middle. Then I blend it a little with a angled brush.

Combined with white on my water line, this makes my eyes look so big!



Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil (white)

11998412_1009122835772685_990995531_n  11998444_1009122822439353_1460608587_n

I use this along the waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger.

I love white eyeliner!

I really like this pencil; it has its own pencil sharpener on the lid, which is handy!



Colour Lash Mascara (clear)


This is one I recently discovered.

Its great for when you want minimal makeup, e.g. doing exercise or going swimming.

It lifts the eyes and curls the lashes a little. I like quite it.

You can also use it on the eyebrows.


Rimmel London

Lash Accelerator Endless mascara


I really like the packaging here, the shape and colour is cool.

This mascara makes your eyelashes super long! Its really good.

However, if you dont have thick lashes you might need to use a volume mascara as well.



No Clumps Mascara

11996921_1009122735772695_777417980_n  11998156_1009122732439362_2058818832_n

This one is an every day, cant-go-wrong mascara.

It works really well for me. If you don’t want a specialised length /curl/ volume mascara, this is a happy medium.


Max Factor

Clump Defy Extension False Lash Effect Mascara

(Gosh, that’s a long name.)


This is my most recent find. I am IN LOVE.

It has a curled angled brush, with bristles that separate and define the lashes really well.

it volumises and lengthens; it makes my lashes look so good!

Some mascaras simply don’t work with my eyelashes, I don’t know why. They make them look weird, but this is perfect!



Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them as much as me? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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