Art gallery.


A day in Bath- Art gallery.

Hello lovely readers!

Here is the second instalment of my wanderings around the tourist places in Bath. As well as seeing the Roman Baths and a Fashion museum, we went to an Art Gallery. I enjoyed it a lot because it had lots of different pieces, some old and some contemporary. It had a wide range of paintings, sculptures and glassware. I took lots of photos! Here are some of them.

I don’t have the names of the artists or the names of the pieces. I’m sorry! It would have been an awful lot of trouble to note it all down, while I was going round taking pics. I wanted to enjoy myself. So I hope you understand. If you do know anything about any of the art shown here, please tell us in the comments!

(P.s. I apologise if the pictures aren’t the best quality.)

Here are some that stood out to me.

old woman

Here is a painting of an old lady and who I like to think is her grandchild.

I love the candle illuminating the scene, its gives it a warm and hopeful tone.

old man

This old man looks deceptively grumpy. But at a second glance, maybe he’s just weary.

Anyhow, his face is so interesting, the details of the wrinkles are very well done.


This fairy girl is one of my favourites.

The actual painting is very tiny, making her look all the more delicate.

The ornately carved frame around it is really beautiful.




The forest scene is pretty. Its almost tranquil and slightly chaotic at the same time?


This is another of my favourites. Its so dramatic and ominous.


I think that’s its a woman being rowed by along the river Styx.

It screams to me about death and journeys.


Ooh… waterfalls.




I love this! The moonlight in the dusty blue sky.


Here’s a closer look.


I just liked this bobbly ball. He he.


Not sure what this is. I liked the colour contrast and technique.

It might some trees and their reflection in a river.

11925981_996176857067283_1474243509_n    11910700_996176843733951_902639689_n

Loved this sculpture. A women  hunched over, hugging herself.

She looks so sad, likes she’s crying. 😥

11924726_996177307067238_1876646345_n  11911348_996177323733903_1234933734_n

Some lovely sculptures; a girl with a lamb and a dancer.


This shows Jesus and a woman. I think its representing him raising her from the dead.


So peaceful.


Here’s some really pretty glass pieces/

(Sorry about the flash reflecting on the glass)


11911913_996177080400594_314633377_n  11880823_996177073733928_449001070_n





I love the bold colours on a bright white background.

Its so random and scribbly, but done with such a passionate and deliberate stokes


Again, this could be the virgin Mary and baby Jesus, I’m not sure.


Pretty clockwork.


This depicts the era of industrialisation with the heavy smoke and factory chimneys.

The use of colour and distorted shapes gives it a remorseful, gloomy atmosphere.


A man grieving over his deceased bride. Aww, sad.


I didn’t even notice the dog.


Some frosty sheepies. Brrr.

I hoped you liked this post. I’m not an art expert, or a professional photographer, but this is just my take on things 🙂

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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