Youth- Poem

Youth.  A vial of joy, And emptiness of experience, A lack of winters seen? Curious wonder, Energising breath, Or how withered a soul feels…   Does age truly matter, when it comes to matters of truth?   Is the heart so restricted, So confined, Because of its youth…? —— I hope you liked my poem … More Youth- Poem

Pay it forward- Share the love.

Hello lovely readers! I’m participating in the ‘Pay it forward’ initiative. Its all about spreading love and kindness to people. And you have the opportunity to receive a surprise gift! Some people know the concept from the movie Pay it Forward. What happens: a person pays you a good dead. You then repay the good deed, but to some other people instead. (And to more than just one … More Pay it forward- Share the love.

The Liebster Award!

Hello lovely readers! I have been nominated for the Liebster award! Yay XD Thank you so much to Aileen who nominated me. You can see her blog here: littlemissdreamer   These awards only have a few rules:  Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog Answer the questions asked by … More The Liebster Award!

Atop a high hill.

Photography. Hello lovely readers! Here’s some more holiday pics. These are some that I took from the top of a very high hill at the beach. Please let me know which was your favourite 🙂 I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back

At the beach.

Photography. Hello lovely readers! These are a few photos from my holiday in Cheddar. (Yes, the place where the cheese comes from!) We went to the beach a few times when the sun decided to peep out. Somerset has extremely high tides, so we didn’t see the sea much, it was miles out! Because of … More At the beach.

Quote of the day- challenge- Day 2

“I was so upset, I forgot to be happy.”                         —Eyore, Winnie the pooh. This quote really rings a bell with me. Whatever you’re going though, however bad your day is- know that your troubles will end. There is a new day coming. Don’t get lost in unhappiness and melancholy. Remember to be happy. 🙂 I … More Quote of the day- challenge- Day 2