Halloween nails!

Hello lovely readers! Happy Halloween XD I thought I’d try my hand at some Halloween nails. But let me warn you- I’m not very good at nails. I bought some orange nail varnish especially, (and also because I wanted an orange to add to my collection :P) They are pretty awful!!! But I tried. I … More Halloween nails!

Halloween | Poem

Halloween The veil is thin in these short hours, The spirits roam as we all cower, Before their chilling faces. .  Demons roam, wild and free, Bringing fear, hate and destruction to we, To them, these acts are races.  . For when the sunrays beam down again, They must make haste or they’ll be slain, … More Halloween | Poem

Finish the Story Challenge | Birthday surprise.

Hello, lovely readers! This is part of Mondays Finish the Story. Its a weekly flash fiction challenge that gives you a picture and a sentence. From that, you have to write a story. It can be no more than 100-150 words. (not including the given sentence.) I missed the last two weeks! I really wanted to do one of them, it … More Finish the Story Challenge | Birthday surprise.

Granny’s garden.

Photography. Granny’s garden. Hello lovely readers! A little while ago I visited my grandma, who is an avid gardener. She has two massive gardens, and grows lots of her own fruit and veg, as well as many beautiful plants! I love going to her house because its always so lovely and has that nice village-y feel. There are … More Granny’s garden.

Quote of the day

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.” -Lydia Maria Child. I hope you liked this post. Lift someone else up today! Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back.