My Makeup Staples | Brows!

Hello lovely readers!

I am continuing with my series all about my favourite makeup and beauty products. Some of these I’ve been using for years, others are new finds that I instantly fell in love with. But they are all, what I consider, ‘staples’ (i.e. favourites) in my makeup collection.

Episode 2- Brows.


bit of Cara 😉

(wish I had brows like her.)

Thick, defined eyebrows are very much in, right now. Brows are super important! They frame the face and can drastically alter the way you look, depending on how you do them. People have all different shapes and styles of brows, but its always best to keep to your natural shape.

Here are some of my favourite products for doing my eyebrows.




Good tweezers are a must! Some of the plain, cheap metal ones will just not do.

Some people don’t like tweezers, they get them threaded or waxed. but I do my brows myself. Every now and then I have a plucking session to kill all the strays. I find it quite fun, actually- its really satisfying. It barely hurts anymore.

And yes, sometimes, in the past, I have been a victim of over plucking! I know its bad. Right now, my brows are a little uneven. Eek. But I’m trying to calm it down. I want thick, beautiful brows!

These tweezers are really good though; very easy to use. But- like a lot of items in this post- I don’t know where they’re from! :/

Also, the pretty leopard print pattern is cool. Hehe.


Hello Kitty eye shadow palette


Don’t look at me like that. Yes, I know this is Hello Kitty. Yes, I know its actually an eye shadow palate, and its probably meant for children… but whatever. Its really good for brows.

 I got it from the pound shop! I use it every day and love it! So for £1, it really was a steal.

Its tiny and portable, and just the perfect size. The packaging is cute too.


It has four shades: two darker browns, (which are pretty similar, tbh) a lighter reddy-brown and dark blonde colour. I feel like this would match most people.

I use the dark brown, and occasionally mix in some lighter brown.

For filling in your brows, I don’t think you need anything fancy. I just use a powder in the right colour and lightly apply with an angled brush.


Eyebrow brush.


This double ended brush is my absolute favourite! Its so useful.

I can do my brows so easily with this.

12000054_1009122872439348_1521531977_n  12021753_1009122892439346_1293391464_n

  It has an angled brush for brows and a small rounded brush which I use for details. (Like for applying eye shadow to my lower lash line.)

I don’t know where I got this, but its beautiful.


L’Oréal Paris,

Brow artist shaper


This in a 3 in one pencil. 12077070_1020108171340818_1121101996_nIt has an eyebrow pencil at one end, and a fix and finish wax on the other end. Mine is in brown.

I only occasionally use this. The brown pencil is quite good, but not the best. I prefer to use powder. The wax part of the pencil is good though; I sometimes use this when I can’t be bothered, or want a more natural look.

On the lid there are also some bristles, so you can comb your brows with this tiny brush.


Brow brush/separator


However, I prefer this bigger brow brush. It has a plastic separator on the other side which can be used for lashes.

 This is quite old and it came off the stick, (which I lost) so now, I just have the head. Oops aha.

 I don’t know where this came from either, sorry.

But I like it!

There you go! That was how I style my eyebrows.

Have any of you have tried any of these, or similar products? If so, let me know in the comments! Also, tell me your favourite brow products, and how you like to style your brows. I would love any recommendations 🙂

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.


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