Music of the month!


Hello lovely readers!

I thought I’d do a post about some of the music I’ve been really into recently. I might do this as a regular monthly series, what do you think? This first post has just a select few artists included.

Here’s my favourite music for October (so far… idk.)


Troye Sivan


I’m probably way behind the times, but I recently discovered Troye Sivan. He’s an Australian singer/actor/Youtuber. His voice is beautiful. Its hard to choose favourites, because I basically love his whole album, and most of the things he’s done. But whatever, aha.

Some of my favourite songs by him.

  • Wild
  • Fools
  • Ease
  • June Haverly
  • Happy little pill


Sixpence none the richer.


This is a bit of a throwback; its a band that was more popular a few years ago, (I think.) They are an American rock/pop band. But, I always liked that song ‘kiss me’, so I looked it up. I found that I like listening to their music! Its really chill and pretty. I love the sound of her voice.

Favourite songs

  • Kiss me
  • There she goes
  • Don’t dream its over
  • Melody of you.


And, of course… Of Monsters and Men.


This is my favourite band; I am always, constantly, forever listening to them. They are an Icelandic indie/folk band. I love their music so much- I’m pretty sure that they’ve never released a song I don’t like! Its crazy. Since I love all of their music, I’ll just list a few from their newest album ‘Beneath the Skin’, that I’m enjoying at the moment. These aren’t necessarily the big single songs, but some smaller album ones.

  • Black water
  • Human
  • Wolves without teeth
  • Hunger
  • Organs
  • Sinking man*.

(*The last one is actually a bonus track on their first album, but is also featured The Walking Dead soundtrack!)




This is a Youtuber I found who does really pretty covers and original songs. She does covers of songs from anime and TV shows, but also does more mainstream pop covers as well. All in all- she is really awesome. Look her up on YouTube.


  • Beautiful Cruel World.

– (from Attack on Titan, English version of Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai.)

I cant get enough of this song. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the show, because this song is amazing on its own. Its mournful and angry and enchanting at the same time. Ahhhh, I cant stop listening.

  • The Hanging Tree

– (from the Hunger Games- Mockingjay book, fan version of song.)

This came out before the film did, so the official movie version of ‘the Hanging Tree’ hadn’t been released yet. She took the lyrics straight from the book and created The melody. I really love it as an alternate version. Its very different from the movie version, but in some ways, its better!



I’ve been listening to most of this music on Spotify, which I love at the moment.

(Not Spotify Premium- I’m not made of money! Aha)


These were just a few examples of the music I’ve been loving recently. I’ll probably find more music during this month… but, oh well. Next time I might do it later in the month.

I hoped you likes this post. Let me know in the comments if you like any of these songs/artists too! I’d also love to hear your favourite music for the month 🙂

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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