My Makeup Staples | Lips

Hello, lovely readers!

Here is the next episode in the series all about my favourite makeup and beauty products. Some of these I’ve been using for years, others are new finds that I instantly fell in love with. But they are all ‘staples’ (or favourites) in my makeup collection.

Episode 3- Lips.


This one is a bit short, because I don’t normally wear a lot of lip products. In my daily routine, I would normally wear a plain lip balm. But these are some of the produces that I love!

I want to branch out and get some new lip products, whether they be lipstick, gloss, pens, liners… leave any recommendations the comments below!


 Maybelline New York

Colour Drama, Intense Velvet lip pencil.

140 minimalist.

    lip pencil  lip pencill

This was given to me as a present.

I’d been wary of lip crayons before, because I was worried they might dry out my lips. But this one is really good! (I make sure to apply clear lip balm underneath however, just to be safe.)

Its a nice pale pink colour and is good quality.



Colour pout, Lasting Lip Stain

lip pen

I think this one is called ‘kiss’. Its a subtle colour which enhances your natural lip tones.

I love lip pens because they are super easy to apply, and give a clean, bold finish. This lasts a really long time and doesn’t get sticky or smudge.

You can get also brighter shades for a pop of colour! I had a coral one which I really loved.


L’Oreal Paris

Colour Riche, 116 Charme Dore.

  goldd  goldy

I love this lipstick so much! Its very unusual- its gold.

You can wear it on top of other colours to add shimmer and a slight gold hue, which adds more depth. Or you can wear it on its own. Its very shimmery and the gold is so cool. It might not suit some people, but I’m really into it. ❤

The quality is really nice, and the packaging is pretty.



Hydro Care lip balm.

hydro  hydroo

I cant go anywhere without this lip balm! Its part of my daily essentials. I have very dry skin, so I get dry lips as well. I make sure to moisturise them before applying any lip products.

I also use this on its own all the time; it gives them a shine and a natural finish.

I don’t often wear much on my lips, so this is my go-to lip product. Its really simple and cheap. Just like the name, its hydrates and cares for your lips!



Pearly Shine lip balm.

  pearl  pink

If I want something simple but with a little extra touch, I go for this.

Its by Nivea, so its full of moisturising goodness. Nivea is such a good brand; all about looking after your skin. This one adds a pink pearly shine- just a bit more girly.

It also smells like Love Heart sweets! Yum. (Don’t eat it, though. Aha)


I’ll leave you with these cool and cute animal lips I saw! Hehe. (How clever.)

Fox_by_viridis_somnio-740507 large

I want some more daring lip colours, maybe some darker berries, reds, and a nice coral. Do you have any suggestions for me? I want to make the most of my money, so I want to be sure that what I’m buying is good quality.

What are you loving at the moment?

I hoped you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.


What do you think? :)

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