Halloween nails!

Hello lovely readers!

Happy Halloween XD

I thought I’d try my hand at some Halloween nails. But let me warn you- I’m not very good at nails. I bought some orange nail varnish especially, (and also because I wanted an orange to add to my collection :P)

They are pretty awful!!!

But I tried.

I attempted some patterns and pictures, but since I don’t have any nail art equipment, I just used the thick brush to do the details… which made it really difficult. Oops.


First, I applied a base coat of clear polish.


Then, I painted all my nails orange.

orange nails

Next, I used the lace effect on top of a few of the nails.

orange lace

Finally, I used black to add patterns and also a pumpkin face, a demon, and some bats.


Here is the finished product:



…and the other hand.

hallow oth




Yes, they are supposed to be bats.. :/


hallo demon 2

 I quite like my demon, though.

(I thought that the messiness around the nail looked like dark flames?)




Sally Hansen

Double Duty- top and base coat



 Rimmel London

Rita Ora in Tangerine

orange  orange 3

I really like this nail varnish. I got it on a impulse buy, for the perfect orange colour. But I’m impressed. It was on offer, only £2 and is thick, smooth and shiny. The brush has thick short bristles, which makes it easier to apply than some others. I like it.


Sally Hansen

Luxe Lace- Ruffle



Studio London


black nail

I hope you liked this post! (Even if my nails weren’t the best, aha.)

which nail was your favourite? What have you done for Halloween?

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

What do you think? :)

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