the Mirror | Poem

The Mirror . You are the shiny, silver surfaced’ one, Distorting my perceptions of myself. I see the smeared purple lipstick, In the corner from the night before, And I think- who are you? This shadow self. No longer sure, unrecognisable . I stare cold at this backward reality. . I take a step closer … More the Mirror | Poem

Music of the month!

Hello lovely readers! I thought I’d do a post about some of the music I’ve been really into recently. I might do this as a regular monthly series, what do you think? This first post has just a select few artists included. Here’s my favourite music for October (so far… idk.) . Troye Sivan I’m probably … More Music of the month!

Topknot Tuesdays- Depression and Anxiety.

Hello, lovely readers! Tuesday had come around again, ever so quickly, so….. Its time of Topknot Tuesdays! So here I am. Sitting in bed in my ‘lounge wear’, (the comfiest clothes imaginable) with a messy topknot and a green tea… thinking about life. Basically, I’m going to write whatever pops into my head. It could be really … More Topknot Tuesdays- Depression and Anxiety.

Fashion Museum.

Photography. A day in bath- Fashion museum. Hello, lovely readers! Here is the third instalment of my day visiting Bath. After seeing the Roman baths and an Art Gallery, we went to the Fashion museum. It was quite interesting to see how styles and attitudes towards fashion has changed over time. We were provided with little … More Fashion Museum.

Finish the Story Challenge | the Driftwood House.

Hello, lovely readers! This is part of Mondays Finish the Story. Its a weekly flash fiction challenge that gives you a picture and a sentence. From that, you have to write a story. It can be no more than 100-150 words. (not including the given sentence.) This weeks sentence is “The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.” This is the … More Finish the Story Challenge | the Driftwood House.