Music of the month

November Hello lovely readers! Here is the second episode of my new monthly series, where I talk about the music I’ve been listening to and loving the most. Adele Hello Of course I had to include this one! The whole world is celebrating the return of Adele – I don’t know who doesn’t love her, to be … More Music of the month

ART | Pencil drawing.

ART. Hello lovely readers! Here is the first observational drawing in my Headdress project. I was interested in headpiece fashion from different time periods, and this image from the 1920’s caught my eye. I liked it because of the gorgeous hair and the details on the jewellery. Here is my drawing attempt: Its not the best, but I tried. … More ART | Pencil drawing.

Shopping Haul!

Fashion and Beauty.   I’m sorry about the annoying watermark. I wasn’t aware that this would happen on this particular video editor I used. But, since I can’t change it, I thought I’d show you guys my first attempt anyway. I hope you like it! Thanks for reading/watching The stars reach out. reach back.

Thankyou Followers!!

Hello lovely readers! I just hit 50 follows on this blog! I know that sounds pretty minuscule; I’m getting excited over a fairly low number, expecially when some people have thousands of followers…but whatever. I’m HAPPY. I would say that 50 is a good number to celebrate, its like the first milestone? I don’t know… half … More Thankyou Followers!!

Autumn leaves.

Photography. Hello lovely readers! Here is just some random leaves and stuff. I love nature in the autumn! I think that dying plants are really interesting, as well as the gorgeous colours of the season. Sorry if my photography isn’t brilliant,…but oh well. . . . . . . .   . . . . . . There you … More Autumn leaves.