ART | Headdress Project.

Hello lovely readers!

I know I haven’t done an Art post in agessss! And before this, posts in the ‘art’ category were just my colouring book series, so it’s not really my original work, (even though it’s cool.) So this is my first real art post. Yay!

I love doing art, though I don’t do it as much as I would like. It’s really fun and relaxing- except when it’s annoying! 🙂 Anyway, a really long time ago I started a new project and I’m coming back to it now, so I thought I’d share it with you.

This project is based off the school GCSE template- even though I’m older and doing it just for fun. My mum is an art teacher, so she inspired me to do this. There were a few different themes and starting points to choose from.

I picked ‘Headdress.’

I thought it would be a really cool and pretty. There are many interesting things to explore. Like- what qualifies as a ‘headdress’? What are the different types? Headdresses in different cultures, headdresses in gender, deep meanings. Colours, textures, forms…. Seriously, there are sooo many things I could do.

I did some research and got tonnes of pictures for inspiration and to use later on.

(par example..)

4d6fi head ehsjixaml

                      bijiunj  vbnl 9ohbkohlj


First, I created a Mind map. You have to write down loads and loads of words; anything to do with your starting point and things you could explore. You can add a few drawings.

But rather than do a traditional mind map:


…..I wanted to do something I little more unique and creative…


My mind map is a headdress.

It looks crazy, but bear with me. I tried to combine some different types of headdress into one design. It took a while to come up with the best version. Here, you can see antlers, a crown, and bonnet/cap with a string, (which looks like the Evil Queen from Snow White?!) and a tribal-inspired mane with feathers and beads. All the words are in the picture.

          12248758_1035028503182118_736058019_n     12231315_1035028486515453_397763559_n


I chose to keep the face blank to focus of the headdress and the words. But I made the words give the faint impression of features. But it kind of looks like a creepy doll/mask? Oh well. Aha.


Then I made a large Mood-board full of photos and pictures I found from the internet.




It’s basically the same thing as the mind map, but with pics instead of words. I went a bit crazy! I took a very long time to decide where everything should go, to get that nice overlapping, random look. But It took longer to cut everything out! I tried to distribute the colours evenly.

However, I like it. I’m quite proud of it. 😛


This is just the start of my project, so look forward for more posts to come! I will hopefully continue with this project.


Here’s a cheeky sneak peak of the next Headdress post!…. My first observational drawing.




I hoped you liked this post! What did you think of my art?

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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