the Skincare Routine I SHOULD be doing…

Hello lovely readers!


Looking after your skin is so important, but we often neglect our skin. It’s really bad, but I barely ever do my full skincare routine, every day. You’re supposed to do it morning and night. The iconic ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise.’

But I think we’ve all skipped it a few times.

I want to do it much more often, to protect my skin. They say that having good skin is the key to natural beauty. Plus, it means that you don’t need to wear as much makeup.

So here is the Skincare Routine I SHOULD be doing…



Take off makeup.


Make sure you do this properly! Sleeping in makeup causes breakouts and is the worst thing you can do for your face. Even if you’ve been partying till super late, at least use a makeup wipe before dropping into bed!

I use these sensitive Aloe Vera ones. They’re standard, Sainsbury’s own brand, but I love them.

Some face wipes (even some sensitive ones) give my skin a faint burning sensation- which can’t be good. :/ But these ones don’t. They soothe and remove. (Lol, rhymes.)


Nearly all of my skincare products are the Simple brand. I love Simple because it’s full of natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals etc. it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin, like me.

Wash face


I use this Moisturising Face Wash because I have super dry skin.

They say that this cleanses your face, so I normally do this step in lieu of cleansing. (But I want to buy a good cleanser anyway.) I think the two first steps combined cleanses my face pretty well, so I don’t need to worry, but I still want to try one…



You’re supposed to exfoliate your face at least once a week, to get rid of dead skin cells. (But not everyday, because that can be bad for your skin- unless its a daily one.)

I like this Clean & Clear exfoliating face wash.




Toner soothes the face and gets rid of any excess dirt and makeup. It moisturises and can shrink pores as well. I enjoy this step the most because it leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

I use these cotton pads with a few drops to apply:

                                            face5   face3




Moisturising is so important! It keeps our skin smooth, hydrated and prevents wrinkles. I love how weird it looks when applied, like army camouflage or something.

Don’t forget the neck!

I got this UV light protecting moisturiser. Its SPF 15, So it’s part sun cream, as well. This is handy. The only negative is that it  smells a faintly like sun cream. But it’s not a heavy scent and isn’t off putting. In fact, it kind of reminds me of going on holiday!

I really like the moisturiser. This is the step I remember to do most often. I use if most days, before I put on my makeup, to prepare the skin, and before I go to bed. I use my prescription moisturiser for the most sensitive areas, like around my mouth and eyes.


P.s- don’t forget Spot Cream!

facespot    facesp

I’m quite enjoying this roll-on spot ‘zapper’. I feel like it gets to work quite quickly.



I also like this Witch blemish stick.

It’s good to have more than one spot product, because if you use the same one all the time, you can become accustomed it. Then it doesn’t work as well on your spots. I like to alternate every couple of months.


 Skincare is not just about the face!


Another simple product! What a surprise. This body wash is clear has a fresh almost minty scent. It is mild, but strong enough to wake me up in the morning. Nice.

There you go!


Hopefully, this will encourage and remind us all to take the time for our skincare routines. Or if you don’t have one, buy some products!

Love the skin you’re in!

I hope you liked this post.

Do you, like me, often forget about daily skincare? What products do you enjoy?

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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