Gingerbread house!

Hello lovely readers! Its Christmas Eve! YAY. Can you believe how quickly its come around this year? Anyway a few days ago, me and my friends made Gingerbread Houses together. It was so fun! I had never done it before, so I was very excited. I thought I’d show you how it went 🙂     … More Gingerbread house!

Christmas Bauble Haul!

Yesterday I went to some garden centres with my family. They were all crazy Christmassy! So we did some shopping. I was eager to buy some new baubles to put on the tree. I wanted a few very pretty ‘statement’ baubles to add to our old collection. It was quite exciting! We spent ages looking at all the … More Christmas Bauble Haul!


Photography. Hello lovely readers. I thought I’d show you some mouth-watering photos of food! I included them because they were so pretty and yummy. Sorry if it makes you hungry!         I hope you enjoyed this post. Which of them would you like to eat the most? Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back.

Quote of the day

“We all smile in the same language” and “We will never have true civilisation until we have learned to recognise the rights of others.” – Will Rodgers. . I read a wonderfully insightful and heart-breaking article about gender inequality today, and it really got me thinking. Equality is something I feel very strongly about. Sometimes I … More Quote of the day

Winter | Poem

I am the slaying winter. I am the frost, the creeping frost, which slithers down the streets and crawls up the misty window pane. I am the moon, the solitary moon, lingering silver, far past its dark hours, invading the crisp sunlight sky. I am the cold, the blistering cold, consuming all warmth, seeping past … More Winter | Poem