Music of the month!

Hello lovely readers! I decided the skip December, because let’s face it, practically all anyone listened to was Christmas songs. So here we are! Time for another Music of the month! (MOTM, for short.) I like to include lesser-known artists, as well as popular music. I also feature songs from films or TV, and sometimes … More Music of the month!

God loves Gays?

  I am a Christian, and I don’t hate gay people. This may be a controversial topic, but please don’t hate. I have to speak the truth. Context: I saw an article on Facebook last night. It was encouraging people to sign a petition supporting some Christians at a Baking company. They had refused to decorate a Cake with a pro-gay … More God loves Gays?

Disney Quotes | Mulan.

I love Disney…and I love quotes. So I thought, why not put them together? Many of the quotes I’ve already posted are from Disney films, so I may turn this into an official series. What do you think? “You’re at peace because you know – Its okay to be afraid.”                                                                             – Mulan 2.   This … More Disney Quotes | Mulan.