Walking through the park.


TREES. (ahhh, I love trees.)

Hello lovely readers!

I know is been a few weeks since I posted, but it has been Christmas, and my birthday as well, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me 🙂

I was walking home through the park and it struck me how pretty everything was. I’m often driving past something and think “Woh, that tree is so pretty, I need to take a picture of that.” … and never do. So, I made it my mission to take some photos this time! I basically stopped at every interesting thing I saw, so in the end, I added almost an hour to my journey! But, oh well.

Here are the pics. I hope you like them!

(Sorry if some of them aren’t the best quality.)



I hope you liked this post! Which pic is your favourite?

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.


What do you think? :)

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