Music of the month!

Hello lovely readers!

I decided the skip December, because let’s face it, practically all anyone listened to was Christmas songs. So here we are! Time for another Music of the month! (MOTM, for short.)

I like to include lesser-known artists, as well as popular music. I also feature songs from films or TV, and sometimes musicians I’ve found on YouTube. Its a big mix, really. ūüôā




Down Like Silver



  • Wolves.

This is a completely new band I came across, while listening to a random¬†winter playlist. I had never heard of them before. But, I LOVE THIS SONG.¬†‘Wolves’ is haunting and… Wow. I’ve been listening to a couple more of their songs and I think they might become a new favourite band of mine! We’ll see.


Justin Bieber


  • Love yourself

Yet another hit by JB. I like how this one is more chill and personal, but still a great tune. How is he doing it?!


Jess Glynne


  • Don’t be so hard on yourself

I am very partial to a bit of Jess Glynne, (aha) I think she has many great songs. This one included. If she continues like this, she can’t go wrong!


Troye Sivan


  • Heaven
  • Cool
  • Lost boy

I’m still loving Troye Sivan. I like pretty much everything has done, but these are some of his newer¬†songs that keep coming back into my head. Click to see my¬†October MOTM where I talk about Troye (and others.)


Art Garfunkel


  • Bright Eyes

Don’t let the artist¬†deter¬†you, (he’s a bit old for¬†my generation and weird.) But this song is amazing! It’s from the animated film ‘Watership Down.’ You might have seen it as a kid, with the rabbits? Anyway, this song is a major standout in the film and it gained a lot of popularity at the time.


When I watched Watership Down a few weeks ago, I was immediately in love with ‘Bright Eyes’, and now I’m forever singing it! It is very soft and melodic, but contrastingly,¬†the lyrics are about death. Kind of a strange choice for a children’s film… But it’s beautiful.¬†The song is¬†sad, but mostly wondering and hopeful. I love it.


Adventure time


  • Everything stays

If you’ve never seen the show ‘Adventure Time’, then shame on you! ‘Everything stays’ is a short song that features in the¬†mini-series ‘Stakes’. It is sung by Marceline (the Vampire Queen.) Across the episodes, it explains her backstory, including vampires and lots of cool stuff. Marcie is one of my favourite characters, so I was very glad when they focused on her more. She’s not in enough episodes! But I feel like ‘Stakes’ made up for it.


Marceline sings this song, first with her mother in a¬†flashback, then again at the end of the series on her own. It is so beautiful and sad, I can’t stop singing it! The song was written by Rebecca Sugar. (the Creator of Steven Universe.)


the Tribe

the-tribe-profile         The_Tribe_Ebony

  • the Dream must stay alive

This is the theme tune to the British-New Zealand TV show ‘The Tribe’. It’s a drama, set in¬†a post-apocalyptic world, in which¬†‘the virus’ had wiped out all the adults.¬†The teens and¬†kids have formed into¬†many rival tribes and they¬†have to¬†try and¬†survive. It aired about a decade ago and¬†it was a tradition for me and my family.¬†I was quite young, so¬†I don’t remember it much. Recently, I started watched it again and I am loving it!

They even brought out an album with many great songs.¬†However, I think ‘the dream must say alive’ is my favourite; it’s brilliant!



I hope you liked this post!

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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