Makeup clear-out!

Hello lovely readers!

So lately, I have been doing a lot of organising, sorting and de-cluttering. I had decided to sort through all my makeup and beauty products. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. And I am SO glad I did it. The result made my whole room look better, as well as making me feel more sorted in my mind.



Why don’t you join me?

Sort out your makeup collection, and you will feel so much better! come on, I bet you haven’t sorted it out for a good, long while. Don’t you still have those old lip glosses in a basket somewhere, that must certainly be very dubious by now… XD

For the relatively New Year, we can start fresh and get rid of anything we don’t use or that doesn’t work. You’ll feel so much better! Using out of date products can have very serious affects for your skin and health. Be careful.



1.  Sort your makeup into different categories. Lay them all out in grouped piles. Now you can see everything that you have!

2.  Check the use-by dates on all makeup and beauty products.

3.  Throw away any makeup that is out of date, sticky or gross.

4.  If you have more than 1 of same thing, chuck it!

Here is an extremely useful picture of a makeup expiry chart. I saw it and pinned it on my Pinterest.



4.  If there isn’t a expiry date shown on the product, then you can follow this rough guide. If you are unsure – get rid of it anyway. (Unless you bought it very recently.) 

I found tonnes of things I had never used; things I even forgot buying!




After my massive binning session, I sorted my products into groups. They are now organised in a beautiful beauty drawer. It is so much better than having a mass of makeup sprawled across the top of my table. They are now separated into sectioned boxes in the drawers, sections for: skincare, face, eyes, lips, and equipment (brushes etc.)

Pretty cool!

It makes life so much easier. Its super quick to find what I need in a rush, and to put them away after. My morning routine is way more efficient now!

Why don’t you try something similar?

Or do you already have a system for storing and organising your makeup? Let me know in the comments!


6.  Arrange and store your makeup in a cool and practical way. It’s your choice how. You could DIY some sectioned drawers, like me – or try a different way!


After I had got rid of more than half of my collection, I washed all my makeup brushes. This is very important for hygiene and spot prevention! Beauty experts say to wash them after every three uses, but we don’t all have the time for that. They take a long while to clean thoroughly and to dry.

I use warm water and shampoo. You can get special brush cleaner, but I haven’t tried that yet. Make sure you don’t use too much shampoo, otherwise your sponges will be very soapy. It’ll take a lot of rinsing to get it all out! It may be a slight chore- but of course, this process is necessary. I’m going to aim for once a week. That seems reasonable.



7.  Wash all makeup brushes, sponges and tools.

8.  Lay them out to dry. You could leave them somewhere on top of a radiator. (Use a hairdryer if you’re in a rush.) However, I recommend leaving them to dry overnight.

9.  Put the brushes away.

10.  Marvel at your new way of life!


My mum has become obsessed with organising and getting rid of stuff. Its starting to get to me. Aha. I banned her from my room until now, when I finally gave in and asked for help. Its probably papers, letters and books next. I don’t even want to think about clothes… ! XO

As well as organising my makeup, I also did my medicinal products, nail varnish, hair stuff, perfumes, ornaments and shelves. Oh dear, I’m on a sorting spree! I hope this doesn’t continue to the whole house… But tis really good.


11. Continue with this sorting trend! (If you wish.)

It’s very satisfying and can get addictive 😛


De-clutter this February and sort out your makeup collection! You can get rid of the dodgy old stuff that might affect your face. Plus, afterwards, you will know what you need to buy. A great weight you never knew existed will be lifted from your mind. It is a very good job done!

Try it 🙂





I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

What do you think? :)

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