Those moments that make you choke.

The Hospital Visit.

Don’t dwell in the darkness. Find the light.





Hello lovely readers!

I would like to introduce a new category. Its called ‘The Deep Stuff.’

It’s sort of to replace Topknot Tuesdays, (but it could be on any day.) Its going to be on any serious or deeper topics that I want to talk about. It might on my own issues and experiences, or the issues going on in the word! We’ll see.

I hope you like it. Tell me what you think.



A little while ago one of my best friends was incredibly ill with glandular fever.


She was in hospital.

I went to visit her with some presents and a card. She was asleep when we arrived, so we talked to her mum and dad a bit, they were obviously very stressed and tired. Then she woke up. But she started coughing; not a normal cough- a dry, heaving, retching noise that was very strange and alarming. Her throat has swollen up, you see, it was very raw and inflamed. It was difficult for her to swallow, even breathing was hard. Her parents didn’t even react to the sound, they disregarded it. I supposed it must have been a constant sound in that hospital room, they had grown used to it. But I felt very weird, I didn’t know what to do.

She was really out of it, she didn’t even know we were there. Afterwards, when we talked, she doesn’t remember me being there.

Suddenly, she started retching so much, she couldn’t breathe, and started to panic. A doctor rushed in and she had to have oxygen though a nebuliser. She was on morphine, and all sorts of medication as well. A nurse arrived too and I felt very out of place. Almost claustrophobic, like I couldn’t breathe as well. She was so ill, it was difficult to watch. I was quite distressed. We weren’t there long, only half an hour at most, but there were times throughout the visit when I nearly cried.




She is alright now, don’t worry. She’s recovering. (But it has totally disrupted her life, she can’t go back to Uni, she’ll have to defer to next year. Which is terrible for her.)

But she was so ill. I’ve never seen somebody so bad. It was pretty heart rendering. But it could have been a lot worse…I don’t even want to imagine.


It made me think.


This moment made me feel selfish for thinking about some things, placing so much importance on things that are actually insignificant.

Now, I’m feeling so thankful for everything I have; for being so blessed. I often sit in my own mind, in melancholy and gloom. In the sadness and bad things that are going on, I often forget to see the amazing things everywhere around me.

I have a home, shelter, food and water, my health, an education, opportunities and everything I need.

But most of all, I have love. I have an amazing family and friends. I am so thankful that God had given me all this, and I need to remember to be joyful. When I think of all these things, the weight of my sadness doesn’t feel so heavy, and I look up to the sky, and can breathe.


When we dwell in the darkness for so long, we forget that we can see. We are blind to the light all around us. OPEN your eyes and look.





I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

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