What can happen in a second.

Writing Challenge.

Hello lovely readers!

‘642 things to write about’ is a writing book I got for Christmas.


There are hundreds of writing exercises included, (642, unsurprisingly.) It gives you an idea, and you write a short piece from that. Its a great book to work through for anybody who loves to write. Some of the challenges are random, or funny and others are deep or interesting. But you can do what you want with it. There is a wonderful range. I think its great! You can use it as a quick warm up, a daily challenge or a fun activity.

I am going to use this book to challenge myself to be creative and write more often. It would be cool to do one exercise each day. (But I probably won’t stick to that, aha.)

I’ve decided to show you guys what I’ve done. 🙂 Whenever I do a another challenge in the book, I’ll do a post about it. A new series? (you like?)

I started with the very first exercise.



Here is the idea:

What can happen in a second.


Here is what I wrote:

Its incredible to know what can happen in a second. In a split second, when a decision is made, and when you realise that every other second of your life was leading up to this second. This moment, alone.

A second can slow down, until it feels like a lifetime, though no time has passed. When the other car is speeding towards you and you see the resounding hopelessness in the other driver’s eyes. They too, know it is too late. That second before impact goes on forever.

Then, just as sudden as it came, the second is gone. And in that second, so are you.




What do you think?



I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

The stars reach out. reach back.

What do you think? :)

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