Looking for a writer!

Hello lovely readers!


Job for hire.


Long term opportunity.

I’m looking for a creative and quality writer who is also a bit of a nerd! Everybody welcome.

Do you love writing? Do you love books, films and TV shows?  If you’re a good writer, and you’re passionate about these things, then you’re good to go!

I’m looking for a Guest-writer to collaborate with me on my other blog, Read me, Watch me.  I want somebody to have weekly or fortnightly slot on my blog.

(Its not a paid job. It’s voluntary. Just for fun.)

I’m very busy at the moment, and having two blogs on top of that… well, I’m not able to post as much as I would like. I need somebody to help me out and be a guest writer for my blog Read me, Watch me.

You’ll be able to write whatever you want. As long as its about books, films or TV shows. (And its cleared with me first.) You could do reviews, discussions, theory posts, anything!

I might request you to do a particular category sometimes, but apart from that (and no inappropriate content) I am very lenient and you can be totally free. If you can’t do a post every single week then that’s totally fine.

I am very easy to work with and would be soooo happy for someone to apply!

You will be able to advertise your own blog and reach out to more readers, expanding your following.

If you are interested, please comment below. Then we will talk details through Facebook or email.

If there is more than one applicant, I will narrow it down and those I don’t pick will get a one-off guest writing slot. So you will be featured on my blog, even if you aren’t offered the job. 🙂

I ideally need someone for a regular slot. We can have trial period to see if you like it.

I am in dire need!

(If you don’t personally want to write for my blog, but know someone who might, then send/link/show this post to them.)

Please consider my offer!

What do you think guys? Want to work with me?

What do you think? :)

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