Photography. Hello lovely readers. I thought I’d¬†show you some mouth-watering photos of¬†food! I included them because they were so¬†pretty and yummy.¬†Sorry if it makes you hungry!         I hope you enjoyed this post. Which¬†of them would you like to eat the most? Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back.

Autumn leaves.

Photography. Hello lovely readers! Here¬†is just some random leaves and stuff. I love nature in the autumn!¬†I think that dying plants are really interesting, as well as the¬†gorgeous colours of the season. Sorry¬†if my photography isn’t brilliant,…but oh well. . . . . . . . ¬† . . . . . . There you … More Autumn leaves.

Granny’s garden.

Photography. Granny’s garden. Hello lovely readers! A¬†little while ago I visited my grandma, who is an avid gardener. She has two massive gardens, and grows lots of her own fruit and veg, as well as many beautiful plants!¬†I love going to her house because its always so lovely and¬†has that nice village-y feel. There are … More Granny’s garden.

Fashion Museum.

Photography. A¬†day in bath- Fashion museum. Hello, lovely readers! Here is the third instalment of my day visiting Bath. After seeing the Roman baths and an Art Gallery, we went to the Fashion museum. It was quite interesting to see how styles and attitudes towards fashion has changed over time. We were provided with little … More Fashion Museum.

Art gallery.

Photography. A¬†day in Bath- Art gallery. Hello lovely readers! Here is the second instalment of my wanderings around the tourist places in Bath. As well as¬†seeing the Roman Baths and a Fashion museum, we went to an Art Gallery. I enjoyed it a lot because it had lots of different pieces, some old and some … More Art gallery.

the Roman baths

Photography. A¬†day in Bath- the Roman Baths. Hello lovely readers! While I was on my holiday a¬†little while¬†ago, we¬†went on¬†a day trip to Bath… and I took A LOT of pictures! We went to the Roman Baths,- how can you not, in Bath? (that’s how it got its name…) Its a¬†very¬†good museum,¬†really cool¬†and interesting. I … More the Roman baths

Atop a high hill.

Photography. Hello lovely readers! Here’s some more holiday pics. These are¬†some that¬†I took from the top of a very high hill at the beach. Please let me know which was your favourite ūüôā I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back