Disney Quotes | Hercules

  “A man is not measured by the size of his strength, but the strength of his heart.”  -Zeus, Hercules. . This is a quote from Hercules that I’ve always loved. ❤     I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading. The stars reach out. reach back.  

God loves Gays?

  I am a Christian, and I don’t hate gay people. This may be a controversial topic, but please don’t hate. I have to speak the truth. Context: I saw an article on Facebook last night. It was encouraging people to sign a petition supporting some Christians at a Baking company. They had refused to decorate a Cake with a pro-gay … More God loves Gays?

Lost love- Poem

Hello lovely readers! Here is a poem I wrote called ‘lost love.’ Love is wasted on the young. For they do not know, What they possess. . Surging, it drives them onwards, Their life source, Their pull towards the earth. Yet unfamiliar, They do not know it. . Filling and consuming them, They are cocooned, … More Lost love- Poem

Youth- Poem

Youth.  A vial of joy, And emptiness of experience, A lack of winters seen? Curious wonder, Energising breath, Or how withered a soul feels…   Does age truly matter, when it comes to matters of truth?   Is the heart so restricted, So confined, Because of its youth…? —— I hope you liked my poem … More Youth- Poem

Pay it forward- Share the love.

Hello lovely readers! I’m participating in the ‘Pay it forward’ initiative. Its all about spreading love and kindness to people. And you have the opportunity to receive a surprise gift! Some people know the concept from the movie Pay it Forward. What happens: a person pays you a good dead. You then repay the good deed, but to some other people instead. (And to more than just one … More Pay it forward- Share the love.