Winter | Poem

I am the slaying winter. I am the frost, the creeping frost, which slithers down the streets and crawls up the misty window pane. I am the moon, the solitary moon, lingering silver, far past its dark hours, invading the crisp sunlight sky. I am the cold, the blistering cold, consuming all warmth, seeping past … More Winter | Poem

Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night- Poem. BOOM A burst of fluorescent light CRACK A sizzle of sparkling sound Oooh Their eyes twinkle in the night Ahhh! A rocket zooms to the ground .  The mist escapes their nostril wings, As their gloved hands feel numb. Their necks craned high upwards to see, The fireworks roar and hum. . … More Bonfire Night.

the Mirror | Poem

The Mirror . You are the shiny, silver surfaced’ one, Distorting my perceptions of myself. I see the smeared purple lipstick, In the corner from the night before, And I think- who are you? This shadow self. No longer sure, unrecognisable . I stare cold at this backward reality. . I take a step closer … More the Mirror | Poem

Finish the Story Challenge | the Driftwood House.

Hello, lovely readers! This is part of Mondays Finish the Story. Its a weekly flash fiction challenge that gives you a picture and a sentence. From that, you have to write a story. It can be no more than 100-150 words. (not including the given sentence.) This weeks sentence is “The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.” This is the … More Finish the Story Challenge | the Driftwood House.

Lost love- Poem

Hello lovely readers! Here is a poem I wrote called ‘lost love.’ Love is wasted on the young. For they do not know, What they possess. . Surging, it drives them onwards, Their life source, Their pull towards the earth. Yet unfamiliar, They do not know it. . Filling and consuming them, They are cocooned, … More Lost love- Poem

Finish the Story challenge- “She lived in a mango tree.”

Hello, lovely readers! I’ve decided to take part in a weekly writing challenge. I thought it would be a fun thing to do; to get inspired and see what I come up with. The one I choose is called Mondays Finish the Story. It gives you a picture and a sentence. From that, you have to write a … More Finish the Story challenge- “She lived in a mango tree.”

Youth- Poem

Youth.  A vial of joy, And emptiness of experience, A lack of winters seen? Curious wonder, Energising breath, Or how withered a soul feels…   Does age truly matter, when it comes to matters of truth?   Is the heart so restricted, So confined, Because of its youth…? —— I hope you liked my poem … More Youth- Poem